Episode 28 // Brave New Year – Show notes

Hey everyone! Here’s some lazy show notes!

House Keeping!

Brave New Year KAL is happening! If you want more info check out the chatter thread HERE
Our Hashtag is #bravenewyearKAL

Another awesome KAL going on is the Stash to Gift KAL hosted by the Relentless Knitting Company. Check out their thread for more info and make sure to check the amazing prizes as well! The hashtag for this on is #stashtogiftknit2017


I finished my No Purl Monkey Socks by Cookie A!

I also finished my Pine Bough Cowl by Dianna Walla!

I ALSO finished my Thalia Shawl by Andrea Mowry


Still sort of plunking away on the Parker Street Shawl by Softsweater knits

I started a Birthday Present for my Baba! I’m currently working on getting the Maya’s Shawl by Justyna Lorkowska in Cascase Eco+

Stash Enhancement

Various skeins of Cascade Yarn (Eco Highland Duo, the Eco +)

Some Hedgehog Fibres in Skinny Dip


Some Manos Del Uruguay

And some ~knitsmas 2016~ remnants I did not show on Instagram!


If you have questions about anything I haven’t posted or forgot to mention, feel free to contact me!

Episode 27 // Ho Ho Ho No – Show Notes

Hey Everyone, after a bit of a hiatus, I’m back with Episode 27!

As always, thank you for watching, subscribing or liking this podcast! xoxo

House Keeping

✨The Brave New Year KAL!✨

I will be hosting another KAL starting January 1st. The premise is simple: I want to encourage and motivate you to do something you’re scared to do. Whether that’s a pattern you’ve been staring longingly at but never started because it seemed too hard, or learning a new technique… I want you to start 2017 bravely and dive headfirst into something you’ve always wanted to do but never felt brave enough to start. To make it easier, I’m going to give you a lot of time to do this. Cast on date will be January 1st and the KAL will go until March 1st. So think about what you’d like to tackle first in 2017 and join me in this KAL!

If you’d like to co host or donate prizes for this – get a hold of me in which ever way is easiest for you (youtube, email, Ravelry, Instagram… you name it). I’ll show prizes as I wrangle them.


Still trucking on the Pine Bough Cowl by Dianna Walla. We are reaching the end though. I will be finished this by the end of my trip to Kelowna (thanks to Karla for volunteering to help with the grafting!)

The Parker Street Shawl by Softsweater Knits has been on hold and languishing lately. Maybe this will be a car knit on my trip.

My Thaliah Shawl by Andrea Mowry has been a source of multiple frustrations lately. It also has just been languishing. I’m super sad that I had a string of issues that has turned me against this beautiful beautiful project.


I finished one of my No Purl Monkey Socks by Cookie A! I’m using MadTosh in Holi Festival for this, with constrasting heels and toes by Allison Barnes Collection in Chartreuse and Rain City Knits in Pink.

Stash Enhancement

I picked up a lot of stuff this time around and a lot of it is hard to pin point where I got it from. However, I will post the things I know for certain.

Yarn Bowl from G Ceramic and Co: I picked this up from Make It Edmonton and it’s beautiful. I was initially considering getting the “Fuck Yes” mug, but all her work is gorgeous and I’ve been lusting after her constellation mugs for a while now as well.

Elise from My Two Tips podcast sent me a super cute Cat Ceramic necklace from Tessaramics. Her cat mugs are stinkin’ adorable.

I purchased a project bag from Cali of WhilloughbyWay and it is adorable and cute and I love it a lot.

Random sock yarn for heels and Toes from River City Yarns

Some charms from SucreSucre Miniatures. If you’d like 15% off your order, please check out my discount thread for some Coupon Codes!

Various Mini’s and trinkets… If you have questions about anything else, let me know and I can give you info.

Anyways, Happy Holidays everyone, thanks for watching and I’ll see you in 2017!




Episode 26 // Settle Down – Show Notes (I know! They are done on time!)

Hey everyone, here’s some show notes for once!

Thank you for everyone who has been watching, new subscribers, new viewers, returning viewers… You are amazing and I love you.

I would like to do a subscriber giveaway but things have been a little nuts so I haven’t had the time to sit down and think of something wonderful to show my appreciation. SO, know I am so grateful for you guys and I will be putting something together for you soon.

Thanks to everyone for signing up for the card swap – please connect with your partners!

Actual Knitting – WIPs

Socks have been not so fun lately – I have a skein of Book Boyfriend from Haven Yarn and Fibre Arts but I’m not sure about what to do with it.
Attempted a Monkey sock, 🐸’d it.
Attempted a Rose City Roller.. will be 🐸ing it.

I still want to make a sock out of this yarn, but I don’t know what that sock will be yet.

Thaliah Shawl – Andrea Mowry

I love this pattern and yarn and everything about it. Almost completed the chevron section. I’m using Ancient Arts Passion 8 in the Pieces of Eight colorway.

Parker Street Shawl – Softsweater Knits

I started this while sick and bingewatching The Crown on Netflix. I love Syliva’s patterns. Using Sweet Fibre Canadian wool in the Mountain Top colorway -which I think is just undyed wool.

Pine Bough Cowl – Dianna Walla

Oh my god this is taking forever.


I found my Churchmous Poncho pattern finally, I would like to knit this as a mindless knit but I don’t have the right needles ready for it since my Thaliah is being knit on 4.5mm.

I’d like to knit a Pure Joy by Joji Locatelli but I only have 2 single skeins of MadTosh that I want to use. Has anyone been able to get through this pattern with only 1 skein of each color?


If you have been admiring Chelsea’s work from Sucre Sucre Miniatures but haven’t gotten yourself anything, I have a deal for you! For those who have never made a purchase, you can use this referral code: http://i.refs.cc/S102ff0W for 15% off your first purchase. If you have made a purchase before but still want 15% off, use my coupon code:SSMR008 at the checkout. Check out her store at www.sucresucreminiatures.com


Sorry I suck at everything. 56000 is just an industrial glue…

Amazon says that it’s pretty useful.
“Amazing E6000 has exceptional adhesion to wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramics, and concrete. It also adheres strongly to leather, rubber, vinyl and many plastics. Amazing E6000 dries clear and once cured, it’s waterproof, washer/dryer safe, paintable and safe for photographs.”
I hope that was a good explanation that helped. Although it probably wasn’t.

Stash Enhancement

I picked up 3 skeins of yarn from Allison Barnes, who you can find here!. I got the raspberry cheesecake, chartreuse and spruce tree colorways.

I got 4 skeins of Biggie Yarn from Michaels for my cats. I don’t know what I want to do with them yet, but I’m going to do something.

Thanks for watching guys! <3



Episode 22 // Swish Curse – Show Notes

I sneakily published an episode last night while drinking a substantial amount of wine at my parents house, where I was unable to do show notes or anything. Now I’m a little hungover so this is going to be quick and dirty.

Knit City Sweater KAL stuff

I’m extending the deadline! So you now have 10 extra days or a whole 240 hours of extra time to get your sweater done! Deadline is now officially September 25th.

Prizes! Please be aware that the grand prize was always intended to be given to a Knit City attendee. This prize is the sweater sized project bag, the skein of Kaleidoscope Dye Works, bath salts and a couple other potential things. This prize will only be for people attending. I will be offering up a pattern prize (up to $10) if the draw ends up on someone who was just knitting for fun!


I finished my Cross Country Cardigan by Alicia Plummer and it basically Frankensteined during blocking and it’s substantially bigger than I  was expecting. It’s growing on me though. I don’t think I hate it as much as I did.


I cast on a new project! I have officially started my Good Vibes shawl with Haven yarn in Fierce Fingering (honeycomb and over the mountain colorways)

Still working on the Smooth Operator Socks. Slowly.

I’ve also brought back my Garter Stitch Afghan from the dead for the Kats Kettle Graveyard KAL. I think this will be good motivation to finish it.

Stash Enhancement

I picked up a skein of Koigu KPPPM in P625. I’m considering doubling up the yarn to make a Bohemian Headband by Andrea Mowry

I picked up some Yarn Snips.

I also got a couple of surprise/lovely packages for KAL giveaways!

Thank you so much to Kim for the lovely notions pouches and stitch markers. I will be giving these away in a future KAL. In the meantime, please check out her shop at https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/Gingersnapthat

I also received a lovely package of tea and Cozy Knitter sock yarn for a giveaway from Joanne  who is @porthardy1. Thank you so much for the thoughtful package!

Music Recommendation

My pick for this week is Broken Social Scene! This group is sort of the honeypot for a lot of Canadian musicians and they have their hand in a lot of different projects. Here’s some of my picks below:



I’m a huge fan of this band, they are incredible live and I just feel a lot while listening to them. I also highly recommend Kevin Drew’s solo stuff.

Anyways, the rest of the episode is clips and stuff. Thanks for watching! If I missed something please get in touch with me, because I was really lazy today with the show notes.



Episode 21 // Ahead by a Century


LAZY SHOW NOTES here we go.


I’m working on the Canada KAL still. You can pretty much check out any show note for more info here.

I’m also working on the KC SWEATER 2016 KAL – there’s only 24 more days left, so get on it!


I finished my Colorfield Shawl by Kemper Wray in MadTosh DK optic and Cascade 220 Opal yarns.

I finished a Swoon Hat by Syliva of softsweater knits (Which is going to be frogged. 🐸 :(. Yarn is Worsted weight yarn from Jess of Haven Yarns in the Wild Meadow colorway

I finished a little pair of Rose City Rollers Littles in Manos Del Uruguay deep stash yarn.

I also sewed my first project bag with the tutorial from Nicole at Hueloco (holiday bag template with customized sizing)


I’m still plunking away on my Cross Country Cardi by Alicia Plummer. I’m pretty sick of ribbing at this point. Yarn is Rowan pure wool worsted in the Mole colorway.

I’m working on my Forager’s Scarf by Nicola Hodges with Sweet Fibre Canadian yarn in the Flannel colorway.

I’m working on the Smooth Operator Sock by Susan B Anthony with Cascade Heritage Prints in the Clouds colorway.

I’m going to attempt to do some more work on my Pine Bough Cowl by Dianna Walla.

Stash Enhancement

I got my Hiya Hiya interchangeable sock needles and they are 💯💯💯

I picked up 3 skeins of yarn from Jess at Haven Yarn and Goods and like always they are gorgeous. (sock weight colorways: honeycomb, over the mountain, worsted weight colorway: wild meadow)


Once I finish everything that is making me die a little, I would like to cast on the Good Vibes shawl by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne.


Music Recommendation:

Wolf Parade.

Check out these songs: Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts, I’ll believe in Anything, Pobody’s Nerfect, California Dreamer, This Heart’s on Fire

Thanks for watching!

Episode 20 // Orange Kool-Aid // Show Notes

Hey Everyone, here’s episode 20 for your viewing pleasure


Knit City Sweater 2016 KAL
There’s been some new activity happening with this KAL, so I wanted to remind everyone about the rules. If you are looking for more information about the KAL, make sure to check the chatter thread on my group on Ravelry. If you want to join, there’s still time to start something. Cast off date is Sept. 15, 2016 so join in! If you are knitting something from a Canadian designer, or a Knit City Vendor, there are other KALs you can double dip into so don’t fear, I encourage double dipping into these other KALs. Any Canadian yarn or Canadian designered sweaters can be enetered into the Canada KAL and there is also the Knit City KAL (Thanks to Katie at Nekozuki Knits for hosting this!) for yarn or designers that will be vendors at Knit City.

Canada KAL 2016
I’ve been working on this KAL as well and I love love love how everyone has been supporting each other and working on all the projects. If you need more information about this KAL (I’ve talked about it quite a bit so I don’t need to really go into it too much) check out the info thread on the Two Tangled Skeins Ravelry thread. I’ll get into my WIPs and FOs below, but I love this KAL, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.


I finished my Authenticity Shawl by Softsweater Knits. I used Sweet Fibre yarn in the Canadian Base and in the Embers colorway. This yarn bled quite a bit when I blocked it and I’m super bummed about the little stripe running through it, but I’m pretty happy with it otherwise. DONEZO. This took about 2 weeks to do, actually exactly 2 weeks to do. I managed to get the garter section, cast off and ends woven in on the road trip coming back from Jasper.


I’m still plunking away on my Knit City Sweater, which is the Cross Country cardigan by Alicia Plummer. I had to do a bit of minor surgery on mine this week when I had to fix my increase misteps and then when I had to drop down a row to fix a mistake in the patterned section in the back. Otherwise it’s coming along well despite me not working all that hard or all that consistently on it. I’m using Rowan Superwash Worsted yarn in the Mole colorway.

I started my Forager’s Scarf by Nicola Hodges. This is the second featured pattern that goes with the Authenticity Shawl. I am using Sweet Fibre Canadian again, in the Flannel colorway. Most of my work so far has been running a bunch of increase rows. I’ve almost blown through a whole ball of yarn and I only just started the lace section. I will be setting the dye in this yarn because the other yarn I had bled quite a bit, and I don’t want to lose any of the lovely red goodness. This will be another double dipped project for the Knit City KAL and the Canada KAL.

I also picked up my Color Field Shawl by Kemper Wray again. I’m almost finished this guy, I just have another 1.5 inches of ribbing and the bind off to do. Once again I’m worried about yarn chicken with my MadTosh DK, but I’m weighing.. and hoping. I’ve added a couple of pink stripes to save some of the speckled yarn, but I’m pretty excited to be done this one pretty quick. I’m using MadTosh DK in Optic and Cascade 220 in Opal.


I’m considering making the Villeneuve Tank by Espace Tricot with some stash yarn. I really like how this looks over t-shirts and I think it would be cute. I just don’t know how to manage the colors for this as I don’t have enough of one color to make this a solid tank.

I want to make socks and a sweater for my friends brand new little baby that she had 3 weeks ago. I am planning on using the Rose City Rollers littles pattern and I haven’t decided on a sweater pattern yet.

Stash Enhancement

I ordered a set of Hiya Hiya sock interchangeables. I need to enjoy sock knitting, and I feel like THIS IS A GOOD WAY TO DO IT.

I picked up Susan B Anderson’s Smooth Operator pattern after Tracie from the Grocery Girls talked about it. I have a high instep so I’m hoping the heel in this will work better for me.

I am a champion.


I highly recommend the Show Stranger Things on Netflix.

I rant about how much I dislike JT on So You Think You Can Dance.

I need new TV shows to watch.


Music Recommendation ( Related to the Canada KAL)

This time I recommend the band Library Voices from Regina Saskatchewan. They are fun, quirky and intelligent and I love them. The last show I ever played live with my old band was opening for these guys and we went out and had drunk Japanese food with them at 2 am. I love their music and they are cool people. Song recommendations are below:

Generation Handclap

“You spend your whole life working on your health
Until one day your atoms disassemble and go on to form something else
Try telling that to your therapist”

The Prime Minister’s Daughter

“Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, come on
You gotta give the public what they want
Ordinary people don’t care about us”


If Raymond Carver Were Born in the 80s

“All my friends are buying diamonds for their girls
And bringing children into this world
Signing their names to a home on lands they’ve captured
Me? I’m still writing songs I’m scared you’ll hear some day”

Balloon Menagerie

Episode 19 // All the KALS and Canada // show notes

Hey everyone, show notes and episode on the SAME DAY.  :3

Housekeeping and WIPs are one in the same this week.


I started my Authenticity Shawl on July 1st and am about 80% done. I’m using Sweet Fibre Canadian yarn in the Embers colorway. I just finished the 5th chart repeat, which in pattern is all I have to do, however I’m going to try and sneak in a 6th repeat with the second cake of yarn. I have a color issue with the 3rd skein so I am hoping to save that entire ball for the garter section and cast off and hopefully will have little to none left at the end. This knit is part of the #2016CanadaKAL hosted by the Two Tangled Skeins podcast. I’m hoping to be done soon so I can cast on the second project I want to do for this KAL!

More info on the Canada KAL can be found on my Ravelry Group.

Knit City Sweater 2016 KAL

I am rolling on in my Cross Country cardigan. The Cross Country cardigan is a paid pattern by Alicia Plummer and just separated the sleeves yesterday. This project is so much fun and I can’t believe I was scared of knitting a sweater. I feel so PUMPED about how it actually looks like a sweater now and I’m very excited about this confidence boost that this project is giving me. I’m using Rowan Superwash Worsted Yarn in the Mole colorway for this bad boy and so far I have only just now had to start my 2nd skein of yarn.

If you want to join in on this KAL, there is still plenty of time to do so! Details can be found in my Rav Group. Cast off date isn’t until September, so come join us!

Color Field Shawl

I’m still kind of plugging away on this shawl. The Color Field Shawl is a paid pattern by Kemper Wray. Most of the other WIPs are hibernating right now, but I added a few more rows of this one and will probably be adding more pink rows because I’m a little scared of how little MadTosh DK I have left. I’m using Optic as my speckly part and I’m concerned I won’t have enough of this yarn to finish the shawl and do the icelandic bind off. So I’m improvising.

APP Recommendation!

To keep track of rows and sections, I’m using an app called Knit Counter. I currently am using the lite version but the paid version is only $6.99 (for some reason I thought it was $11.99, so the $6.99 one is much more palatable for me, so I’m gonna buy it). This is a super clean app that lets you add row counters that suit your needs for your own project that your working on. I like not having to carry my row counters with me when I’m knitting on the go and it’s nice to customize it for things I need to remember and count along the way.

Stash Enhancement

I only got one big thing this week for stash enhancements, and I think it’s going to be super useful. Twig & Horn restocked their gauge rulers and I had to have one. It’s going to be great for the garment knitting that I intend to do more of,  as measuring gauge swatches is no fun.

Cooking Club

I made a super delish dinner yesterday out of a random pin on pinternest and it was pretty damn delicious. This recipe is from the blog Love Maegen and it’s so. good. If you love salsa and corn and chicken, this will be right up your alley. Click for the link: Herbed Grilled Chicken with Fresh Corn Salsa.

Random other tidbits

I’m working through minimizing my space and clutter and life. Besides all the self help books that make me want to throw up, I’ve found one (from Urban Outfitters, no less) that I actually really enjoy and have been working through called Do Less: A Minimalist Guide to a Simplified, Organized and Happy Life by Rachel Jonat. If you want to declutter and feel more at peace with your surroundings, yet are intimidated by a minimalist lifestyle, this is a good gateway book for you. It’s one of the few that I’ve actually read all the way through without rolling my eyes so hard, they run the risk of falling out of my eye sockets.


I would like to hold myself accountable to life changes I have been wanting to make but haven’t done so. So from now on, I will be doing the Couch to 5K program and I need to show proof of effort every podcast. If you’d like to join in with me and work out together, let me know and I can make a thing on the group for it!

Quick acknowledgement of Racial tensions and unrest all over America and Canada:

I don’t want to say too much because I can be quite aggressively political at times, however with everything going on and all of the heartbreaking stories from the most recent demonstrations of police brutality I kind of feel like I have to. There’s been a lot of good pieces coming out from writers who experience brutality and fear of police or racism in action and I think our job (as white people) is to shut up and listen. Don’t say “All Lives Matter”, learn why saying that is detrimental to the cause and acknowledgement of these issues. Learn how to be an actual ally and most importantly, listen. People are telling their stories, your job is to listen and not immediately discredit their lived experiences. There’s been a few good articles that I’ve read and I’ll link those here:

Police and Me and Philando Castile – John Scalzi

Concrete Ways to Be an Actual Ally to Black People – Avital Norman Nathman

Canada’s Race Problem? It’s Even Worse than America’s – Scott Gilmore

Canadaland Podcast – White Pundits Matter

Best of the Left Podcast – Independence Day, but Only for Some

How Black Lives Matter co-founder Janaya Khan sees Canada – Zach Schwartz

Thanks for watching everyone,